Describing graphs

Visit the following links to know more about the kind of visual information in order to be able to do some practice later.
Videos: (IELTS practice) (IELTS practice 2) (IELTS practice 3) (IELTS 4)

Some theory and practice (Examples 1, 3, 13 and 16 of different sort of graphs, described with additional information by the end of the document focussed on the vocabulary and structures used to do this) (practice included)

Make a list of different kinds of graphs described in the links before. Add the definitions of all of them to the glossary of the course


2 thoughts on “Describing graphs

  1. I think all these links are really useful if you have to write scientific papers where it is useful to include different kinds of graphs.

    The videos are useful. It is a pity that they are just sample units.

    Rhetorical functions in academic writing was interesting as it included first a different models of various fields, to end with the most common expressions used for the various kinds of graphs.

    Finally, I liked the describing graphs link, as it is very simple and straightforward, and the practice exercise is really good to make sure you have understood it.

    • Thanks, Juan Carlos. Remember that all of you with no submitted PECs at all, will have the chance to do a question related with a graph description in the exam. I will try to add more practice now to the virtual course.

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