Whole books, revised books and chapter books

Did you know that you could read books online through Universities libraries. Have a look at some of them accessible from Campus UNED:

Thomas, Michael Ed. (2008) Handbook of Research on Web 2.0 and Second Language Learning, Hershey, PA, USA: IGI Global
http://site.ebrary.com/lib/unedbiblioteca/docDetail.action?docID=10257349 (ebrary books) To read a sample of book chapter, just select one of them.

Naidu (2010) A textbook of Engineering, Pearson Education India http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy.uned.es/book/-/9788131775073 (Safari books) More focussed on teaching science because of the amount of exercised found on it, but you could find many other examples of research books within Safari books online (http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com.ezproxy.uned.es/). Remember to be logged before reading.

This one could probably belong to a thesis publication http://ieeexplore.ieee.org.ezproxy.uned.es/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=4782329


11 thoughts on “Whole books, revised books and chapter books

  1. I have never read books online, because for me it is very tiring to read on a computer, and I prefer doing it on paper. Anyway, I think this is a good option when you cannot find a book itself in a library.

    For me a great disadvantage is that if you want to print something from it, you have to do it page by page, which is quite time-consuming.

  2. Dear teacher,
    I have not read books on line, as I find it really exhausting both for my eyes and my brain. The most I can read on line are some articles or reports. But, even though I keep on choosing the hard copy, I think is an excellent tool for younger people.

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