Corpora for the creation of textbook

Read this interesting CUP open online publication to use a Corpus to create a textbook:



2 thoughts on “Corpora for the creation of textbook

  1. I was not very familiar with corpora, but after reading this article, I think they are really useful in language learning and teaching. In my opinion, using corpora to make coursebooks seems a sensible idea. I consider they should also be used to teach writing. I believe writing is becoming very neglected in our everyday lives in the sense that we are no longer familiar with the conventions that are peculiar of this mode of expression. We tend to write in the same way we speak, which is wrong, both in our mother tongue and in a foreign language. Therefore, having real models of the kind of texts required in each context, and particularly in ESP and EST, may prove to be terribly useful.

    In a few years’ time, we might all be using them in a similar way to what we nowadays do with dictionaries.

    • Yes, you could use them when writing to know if the collocation that you are going to write is correct or not. Using corpora tool to create your own corpus could be usefull as well to produce your own material, to help you with your ESP translations or to help to do your own research.

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